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Delivering reliable power

No matter what power source your project relies on - a stable AC power grid, an unstable hybrid genset, or renewable energy such as solar - NorthStar has a battery specifically designed to keep you up and running.

All NorthStar batteries are proudly manufactured in the industry’s most advanced facilities, located in Springfield, Missouri, USA. Using the latest robotic and processing technology, and employing advanced environmental control systems, NorthStar delivers the best consistency and reliability in the industry.

NorthStar batteries are designed and manufactured with premium materials and technology:

  • PPOI plastic material to withstand extended elevated operating temperatures up to 65°C
  • Advanced 3 stage terminal for leakage free operation
  • Dual venting port for easy installation and optimum gas evacuation
  • Integral handles for easier installation and maintenance
  • High pack compression for higher cyclic capabilities

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