NorthStar Telecom Batteries - Designed to suit your needs

NorthStar batteries are used in more than 120 countries around the world. Each country poses a unique challenge, in terms of grid availability, operating temperatures, and power requirements. Even in developed countries with very stable grids, power failures can strike at any time.

Northstar has used their global experience to develope a range of batteries to suit every environment and requirement.

The NorthStar telecom battery range at a glance:

  • The NSB Red Battery uses pure lead technology to provide an extended float life of 15 years on stable AC power grids, dramatically reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

  • The NSB Silver Battery delivers high power and cyclic capability, making it ideal for use in semi stable grid applications.

  • The NSB Blue Battery recharges five times faster and can handle more than three times as many cycles than standard AGM's, perfect for unstable grids or hybrid genset applications.

Northstar Telecom Batteries