All new battery installation projects should begin with a rigorous power analysis. This ensures all of the power requirements for your system environment will be met, giving you the performance you need. We can help you accomplish your project goals by consulting with you from the very start.

We remain committed to delivering the highest quality services. All of our training and tools conform to national and industry standards. For your battery project, we:

  • Engineer, furnish, and install
  • Review your system design
    - AC service requirements and layouts
    - DC service requirements and layouts
    - Site requirements – floor loading, earthquake bracing, grounding, containment
    - Battery reserve requirements
    - Battery design to ensure proper style for type of service
    - Equipment and access
    - Future growth requirements
    - Alarm systems
    - Environmental concerns
    - Remote monitoring
    - System modifications
  • Provide Project management
  • Provide test documentation, comparison, analysis, trending, and reporting
  • Consult on battery end-of-life, cost projections, and forecasting
  • Provide database storage, migration, and maintenance

Memberships in national organizations

  • IEEE Standards Association
  • IEEE Power Engineering Society
  • National Fire Protection Association
Certifications and Licenses
  • Alber Stationary Battery Design, Maintenance, and Testing
  • RF Safety – Personal Protection Equipment
  • Midtronics Battery Conductance Testing
  • CSLB C-10 Electrical License
  • Environmental Protection Agency License
  • DOT Motor Carrier Permit