NDSI manufactures the best designed spill containment solution on the market. Not only does our product meet Uniform Fire Code (UFC) requirements, it also allows for ease of access to remove or replace batteries within the rack. This saves you time and money.

NDSI's Spill Containment Solution is custom manufactured to fit your specific dimension needs.

Features of our product include:
  • Product meets the requirements of Uniform Fire Code
    (UFC), Sections 6404.4 and 6404.5*
  • Shipped completely assembled, for easy installation
  • Container support walls are constructed of 12-gauge cold rolled steel
  • Walls are media blasted for better adherence of paint
  • Walls are powder-coated to reduce paint chipping
  • Tray liner is made from a 1/8" thick acid resistant polyurethane/elastomer
  • Safety molding protects the top edges of the wall support and tray liner
  • A resin epoxy sealant is supplied to seal around the holes drilled for mounting the battery rack
  • Absorbent/neutralizing pillows or booms are included
*The Uniform Fire Code (UFC) specifies spill containment requirements for stationary batteries of all types.
Contact NDSI for any regulatory updates.

Section 6404.4 - Spill Control.
Each rack of batteries or group of racks shall be provided with a liquid-tight, 4-inch spill-control barrier, which extends at least (1) inch beyond the battery rack in all directions.

Section 6404.5 – Neutralization.
An approved method to neutralize spilled electrolyte shall be provided. The method shall be capable of neutralizing a spill from the largest lead-acid battery to a pH between 7.0 - 9.0.